Our teachers


We realize that the key to the success in the teaching process is professional teaching staff . For the sake of the highest standards of teaching we carefully select our team, which consists of teachers with exceptional skills and methodological experience in working with the group and individual clients. Our team consists of both native speakers and Polish teachers among whom many are graduates not only from linguistics, philology and language colleges but also have a degree in other fields such as economics, finance, law and IT.

Methodological supervision

Each teacher is in a constant contact with a methodology consultant in order to monitor the whole teaching process. The key to our approach is individual teaching approach which is manifested by the fact that the program of study, as well as the choice of the leading textbooks and teaching supplements is established between student and teacher under the supervision of the methodology consultant. Due to such communication the teaching materials correspond to the level and profile of interests of the student. We encourage teachers to enrich the curriculum with additional materials that are supposed to introduce variety and broaden your knowledge.


Alicja Radańska

I am a graduate of Warsaw University, English Philology faculty. My two passions have always been languages ​​and travelling so I decided to specialize in these areas in order to connect interest with work. For 5 years I have been teaching to adults in companies, particularly in the financial sector. When holidays come I conduct quided tours in Warsaw. My first steps with teaching were tutoring young people in secondary school. I appreciate constant contact with people, dynamic character of my profession and try to infect students with my passion conncting learning with fun. I believe that foreign languages ​​are crucial to get to know about other cultures, customs and points of view.

❝One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.❞ ‒Frank Smith

imageskPatrick Cleeves – Native Speaker

Teaching to adults and youth is my baby, i’m passionate about conducting conversations, teaching idioms and phrasal verbs, which most students consider quite tricky and disenchanting. I sure know how to motivate my students, I have travelled a lot through Europe and US and have many engaging stories to tell. As a gradute of Teaching College and Cultural Studies Centre in UK I have also cultural tips to pass on for those networking with foreignes. See you at my classes!

‘Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another language.’ – H. Jackson Brown