Learning plan

How do we assess the level of students?

Prior to each language course we conduct a language test designed to verify the students’ language skills. The test consists of two stages: a written test, which is designed to check the knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension and an oral interview, conducted with each course participant, which is to check the fluency of speech, listening comprehension as well as pronunciation and accent. The above mentioned  tests allow to specify which group should the student be in, what is the student’s level and the development of which language skills should be emphasized. Both the written and the oral tests are carried out and checked by a methodology consultant.

How do we get to know the clients’ needs and expectations towards a language  course?

Along with the placement test  we carry out a course needs analysis which allows us to get to know our clients’ exact expectations and plans relating to the course and programme character. The analysis enables us to get to know the specialist field which our client wants to focus on and gather information about the emphasis on specific language skills in the classroom (e.g.: conversation, grammar or writing etc.)

How a course programme is developed?

On the basis of the above mentioned tests  the students are divided into groups or individual classes. The next step is to determine the course curriculum and select the textbooks and supplementary materials under the supervision of a methodology consultant. Before the course commences each group is handed with a written course curriculum. However, we are always open to any suggestions, ideas and modifications in the programme from the client’s side.

How do we verify the participants’ progress and implementation of the program ?

During each semester the students participate in two types of material revision: partial tests and end of term tests. After each term the teacher prepares course progress reports which are passed on to the methodology consultant who assesses the students’ progress in terms of each language skill: vocabulary, communication, listening, grammar and reading comprehension. Progress reports are available to students so that they can verify their achievements and become familiar with instructions towards further learning.

How do we verify the work of teachers ?

During the course the participants have the opportunity to assess the teacher’s work by filling in a questionnaire evaluation or by contacting the methodology consultant. In addition, we also organize visitations of courses during which the methodologist can monitor the work of teachers and assess the lessons.